The truth about Serrapeptase

serrapeptase enzyme factsApproximately twenty five years ago, scientists in Japan extracted a bacteria located in the stomach of a silkworm. This bacteria secreted an enzyme which literally ate through the cocoon so the butterfly could be freed. Because the Serrapeptase enzyme dissolved the dead tissue of the cocoon, scientists applied the properties of Serrapeptase to the benefit of human health.

They realized that Serrapeptase would break down all non-living materials found in the human body. They discovered as a bonus that Serrapeptase does not have any side effects because it does not disturb any living tissue. In Asia and Europe, Serrapeptase is the medicine of choice for a wide number of medical conditions relating to inflammation. In the United States, NSAID’s is generally prescribed for inflammation, but unlike Serrapeptase has some serious side effects.

Serrapeptase has proven itself as an inexpensive alternative medication for pain relief. Extensive research has documented the fact that it does work well without any side effects and offers a wide range of health benefits.

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The receptionist and dental assistants were very friendly and professional. I was concerned about the payment requirements and the staff was helpful in explaining my payment options including my insurance coverage. X-rays were taken and Dr. Grand discussed the various choices that I had to correct the problem. Finally, he gave me his recommendation which in the final analysis was the best choice for me in my situation. My tooth was extracted and plans were in place for a implant for the missing tooth. Since I was not familiar with implants, Dr. Grand explained the advantages of a dental implant to replace a single tooth root to preserve the bone. These are the best dentist Baton Rouge and Mandeville LA by far!

The dental implant is integrated in the jaw and an artificial tooth created by the dentist is attached to a small metal post and this tooth functions like a natural tooth. An implant is much more desirable than a bridge because the surrounding teeth have to be ground down to support the bridge thus compromising their health. Because an implant functions as a natural tooth, it is much easier to keep clean than a bridge. For me, the implant was an answer to a prayer. I have a beautiful smile and cannot even feel that I have an implant. If you have dental problems, do not hesitate to contact Grand Family Dentistry for a dental healthcare provider that offers outstanding service.

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Serrapeptase benefits

For the last twenty five years doctors in Europe and Asia have been prescribing Serrapeptase as the drug of choice as an anti-flamatory medication to relieve pain and inflammation and to dissolve atherosclerotic plaques.If you are one of the millions of Americans who take anti-inflammatory medications, serrapeptase supplement is an outstanding supplement andt has significant promise for human health.

There are a mountain of testimonials from common people that state the beneficial effects of this supplement. Serrapeptase is an enzyme that is located in the gut of silkworms whose purpose is to digest their cocoons. Research has shown it to be an excellent anti-inflammatory drug similar to (NSAIDs). The outstanding aspect of Serrapeptase is the fact that that it does not cause ulcers or damage to the stomach.

In addition, research has shown Serrapeptase to prevent harding of the arteries by inhibiting the buildup of plaque in the arteries thus preventing a stroke or heart attack. Serrapeptase dissolves all nonliving tissue. Therfore, it has a wide variety of uses. A significant part of the research on Serrapeptase was compiled by the late Hans A. Nieper, M.D. who was an internist from Hannover, Germany.

His primary study was on the effects of Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is very inexpensive compared to other anti-inflammatory drugs. If you feel that this enzyme would be helpful for your current medical conditions, discuss the benefits with your health care provider.

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