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Dentist Baton Rouge and Mandeville LouisianaIf you have a dental emergency and need care immediately, do not hesitate to contact the top dentist in Baton Rouge. One morning, excruciating dental pain awoke me and I just did not have any idea of who to contact. A close friend recommended Grand Family Dentistry. I called and was accepted immediately on an emergency basis. I received immediate attention. I could not believe the outstanding service.

The receptionist and dental assistants were very friendly and professional. I was concerned about the payment requirements and the staff was helpful in explaining my payment options including my insurance coverage. X-rays were taken and Dr. Grand discussed the various choices that I had to correct the problem. Finally, he gave me his recommendation which in the final analysis was the best choice for me in my situation. My tooth was extracted and plans were in place for a implant for the missing tooth. Since I was not familiar with implants, Dr. Grand explained the advantages of a dental implant to replace a single tooth root to preserve the bone. These are the best dentist Baton Rouge and Mandeville LA by far!

The dental implant is integrated in the jaw and an artificial tooth created by the dentist is attached to a small metal post and this tooth functions like a natural tooth. An implant is much more desirable than a bridge because the surrounding teeth have to be ground down to support the bridge thus compromising their health. Because an implant functions as a natural tooth, it is much easier to keep clean than a bridge. For me, the implant was an answer to a prayer. I have a beautiful smile and cannot even feel that I have an implant. If you have dental problems, do not hesitate to contact Grand Family Dentistry for a dental healthcare provider that offers outstanding service.

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